Artist Statement

"Pinhole photography, the art of lens-less photography is an intuitive process which can consistently produce surprising results. This most unique and wonderful gift is the reason this medium holds such power over me. These images, produced by cameras made from the simplest of materials, hold qualities and characteristics unique only to pinhole imagery. As I un-wrap my cameras in the dark room, a childlike wonder emerges in me. Through the Pinhole I can view the world not as I see it, but as I hope to see it; a curious, imaginative, and somewhat strange world."


Sharon Harris holds a Bachelor of Arts from Rutgers University, Camden NJ. Her work can be found in several public collections including The Stedman Art Gallery, Rutgers University Camden Campus, The University of Medicine and Dentistry, Camden, NJ and The Camden County Cultural and Heritage Commission, Haddon Twp., NJ. She has exhibited her work at The Krappy Kamera Exhibition, Soho Photo ,Tribeca, New York. Sharon’s work has been included in the publication of Krappy Kamera XI, and Krappy Kamera X11. Exhibits include the Curious Camera exhibit at Artseye Gallery, Tucson AZ, and A Book about Death at The Emily Harvey Foundation, New York, NY. She has participated in an all women exhibit at The Dr. Ross Art Gallery, Gloucester County College, Sewell NJ. Her work has been selected to be part of the “People” exhibit at New York Center For Photographic Art. Recent publications include SHOTS magazine issue 138 and the German Photography publication Kwerfeldein.  She continues to lecture and hold workshops throughout the Philadelphia area.